Who I am

Update 2012: I wrote this over seven years ago. A lot has changed since then. Obviously I don't do websites anymore, just maintain the ones that are still on my server. In the time since then I've gotten a new job, relocated twice, have 90% of my MBA complete and am currently living in the UK. I specialise in international procurement with an emphasis on the IT supply chain. I went over to London for my employer in early 2011 to oversee the contruction of a 40,000 square foot office and develop our global supply chain strategies. We have offices in Europe and Asia, where rapid growth has created the need for local procurement representation.

I suppose the reason I'm updating this is because I randomly decided to check my site statistics, it turns out that I'm getting an average 100 unique visitors per month, mostly as a result of posting my college economics papers. I took a look at the "about" page and realised how incredibly out of date it was, and also what a pretentious ass I was at age 22. Therefore, in the spirit of internet reputations, I figured I'd at least drop in to let any random visitors, lost friends, or potential emplyers know that I've become a well adjusted adult since then, and the bio below is well out of date.

I suppose I'll be updating the design of the site at some point. I don't want to dump it entirely, but I don't want it to become a time capsule for potential employers to look at and say "who is this clown?"

This was the original bio I wrote (in 2005):

I am a recent graduate of Michigan State University, Eli Broad College of Business. I studied Supply Chain Management as an undergrad. I currently work in purchasing at a major US auto manufacturer in Detroit. In addition to having a job that uses my college degree, I am a freelance web designer on the side. I manage a slew of sites, many of which are showcased on this website. I work mainly with bands and musicians; this is where I got my start in web design. When Brandon Creasman, formerly of Detroit-based Electric Magi, approached me to do his site I hit the ground running. From there I branched out doing a site for his audio engineer, a female vocalist, a Flint-based band, another Detroit-based band, Brandon's charity site called the Lorien Society, and various projects for friends as well as myself.

I have been extremely motivated; focusing my attention in many areas of interest. I love writing, collecting music, guitar, and photography, among many things. I have had a growing interest in the internet and web site design ever since I could remember getting AOL when I was in 7th grade. When my older brother started college he built his own website using Geocities, and I was pretty amazed. I began building my own sites through high school using free hosts. When I got to Michigan State, they provided a larger amount of web space for me to use and I started experimenting a bit.

My skills developed nicely when I took a job teaching an intro computer class. I taught Microsoft Word and Excel to undergraduates, until the program changed a bit and they added more web design into the curriculum. I eventually began teaching more complex lessons with Macromedia Dreamweaver, which allowed me to learn the quirks of the software and find ways to solve problems easier. It was a great environment to learn: learn by teaching, and when the people I was teaching didn't get something, or got a software error, it made it easier for me to conceptualize a realistic solution. It was a great contributor to my problem solving abilities.

What I strive for is to utilize and expand my creative energy to its full potential. I have a lot of energy built up inside me just waiting for an outlet. I am confident that I can do great things if I just focus on the goal and follow the right steps to accomplishment. I really want to be able to manage websites for a living, but at the same time this corporate gig is pretty cool. I enjoy my job and consider it a benefit to be able to gain this type of experience and apply it to all aspects of my life.

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