Lean Manufacturing Strategies
Vendor Managed Inventories
I wrote this for my manufacturing planning & control class senior year. It was written with a focus on Ford Motor Co. and their lean/VMI strategies. Found a few articles about thier "supplier park" and became interested. Pretty good overview of lean strategies, types of waste, and benifits of a vendor managed inventory. Click here for the article

Starbucks and Coffee Sourcing I wrote this on a group project during my junior year. It was for MSC401, Purchasing/Supply Chain Mgt. It's a good piece about Starbucks, how they source their coffee, the initiatives they are taking to promote better treatment of coffee growers, and a general overview of their business. I wrote a good deal of it, and edited the entire thing for submission. Group projects in college are a funny thing, but in the end I'm a bit of a control freak and had to take matters into my own hands on this one. Click here for the article.

EC306 - Comparative Economics Below are papers I wrote for my comparative economics class. Some of them were genuinely thought out, some of them were rushed to submission. Take your pick. Marxism - Past and Future Economy of India Islamic Economics Economy of Mexico Economies of China and Russia Economies of Japan and Germany

REL 306 - Native American Religions So, I needed three elective credits to fill out my senior year and my bro tells me to take this, so I do. We ended up calling it "grandpa story hour" but it was actually pretty interesting and valuable knowledge to have. Check out some of the papers that I slapped together. Waterlily - Ella Cara Deloria The Naskapi Trickster

White Noise This is something I wrote about "white noise," or ghosts on audio tape. I got interested in this first after seeing a commercial for a film called "White Noise" and remembering back to my haunted house experience. I also used to surf websites with this sort of stuff on it. I don't know if I believe it, but I can't totally discount it. Click here to check it out

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